• Kindergarten Nussdorf
    Sie finden unseren Kindergarten am Rande von Wien, im 19. Gemeindebezirk.
  • Kindergarten Nussdorf
    Langjährige Tradition und unser geschultes Kindergarten-Team sorgen für eine familiäre Atmosphäre und bestmögliche Betreuung Ihrer Kinder.
  • Kindergarten Nussdorf
    Trotz der zentralen Lage laden große Spielplätze und die herrlich natürliche Umgebung zu ausgedehnten Spaziergängen und Spielplatzbesuchen ein.

Kindergarten Nussdorf

The NUSSDORF kindergarten has a long history. Our house was opened in 1970 at the current address Heiligenstädtestrasse 131-135 in the 19th district of Vienna and currently looks daily after 40 children between the ages of 1 and 6 years, as it has been for over 50 years.

In this half century, a lot had changed in the world around us, except for the most important mission: the best care for our children by experienced, well-trained and loving carers.

From 2009 GEKÖG joined the Vindobini association and committed to the new funding guidelines of the City of Vienna.

From 2018, Ms. Monika DORN took over the management of the Nussdorf kindergarten, which has brought about some changes:
more Montessori pedagogy, bilingual all-day education with experienced English-speaking teachers, more outdoor activities and the latest know-how – the hygienic air purifier for every group.