House rule


  1. Please note our opening times:

We are there for you and your child Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • If you pick up your child after the closing times, the responsible teacher will collect € 10 in cash for every ¼ hour or part thereof.
  • Please bring your child to kindergarten every day. Your child needs a stable routine and can therefore develop well in the social environment.
  • MORNING ACTIVITIES: Many of the most important activities such as art projects, story time, various performances take place from 8:30 a.m. Please bring your child to kindergarten on time, as it is often a nuisance for the other children, when children are late. The circle time takes place at 9:00. Your child should be in the group by then.
  • We ask all parents in kindergarten to wear shoes only in the anteroom and cloakroom area.
  • Every child has their own place for their slippers by the cloakroom. Please put the slippers there so they don’t disappear.
  • Please dress your child in comfortable clothes and shoes. It can happen again and again that the clothes get dirty.
  • Please mark all items with your child’s name (e.g. slippers, rain jacket …).
  • Please do not give your child any toys from home as they are difficult to share, can get broken or get lost. The only exception is a soft toy and a blanket for bedtime. This will be sent home to be washed every Friday.
  1. We ask all parents to take part in the two parents‘ evenings (September and February).
  2. Development talks take place twice a year. For this, the parents are invited by the pedagogue and we are happy to let the parents know where the child’s development is.
  3. Excursions will be announced in time in our house.
  4. We ask all parents to read the latest information on the information board.
  5. Please keep the door and talks short. Make an appointment for longer discussions.
  6. Please do not give your child any sweets or any additional food. Extra sweets lead to a lack of focus. Your child will get fresh fruit, vegetables, a morning snack, an afternoon snack and lunch every day. Excluded from this are excursions, as your child is allowed to bring their own snack. Please do not give packaged drinks, but rather closed bottles.
  7. BIRTHDAYS: Birthday parties are an especially exciting time for your child. Your child will be happy when you celebrate with your child in kindergarten. Please do not bring any homemade cakes / pies with you. The children are also happy about purchased cakes. Fruit or vegetables are also very popular with the children.
  8. We will announce all excursions in time. If you want to accompany us, I ask you to let us know on time.
  9. Should there be any changes in your family, such as a new telephone number, a new address…. please inform us.
  10. If you would like a meeting with the educator, I ask you to inform the educator on time.
  11. Please attend all parents‘ evenings, events, development talks and offers that the kindergarten has to offer.
  12. MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: No child with an infectious disease is allowed to attend kindergarten, e.g. conjunctivitis, childhood diseases, head lice, … Approval for returning to kindergarten is given by the doctor with a confirmation that you must show to the kindergarten.
  13. Children who have an intestinal infection (vomiting / diarrhea) are only allowed to go to kindergarten 24 hours after they have subsided.
  • Medicine is issued kindergarten under the following conditions:
  • If your child needs long-term medication, the parents must confirm that we can administer the medication in kindergarten.

• We need a confirmation from the doctor that this long-term medication is necessary.